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Eddy is a fanatic technical and cave diver, with a passion for (underwater) photography. To combine his hobbies in an ideal way, he started years ago to manufacture specialized equipment for the technical dive team of which he is a part.
These products and services were also highly sought after outside his own team. That resulted in setting up his own company: Scuba Support. A professional workshop at home makes it possible to carry out both development and construction in-house. This also makes it possible to carry out repairs directly yourself, in contrast to regular dealers who have to send materials for repair. With, among other things, an electronic and fine mechanical training and years of experience at a company specializing in medical and laboratory equipment, it is safe to say that Eddy van Vliet has a technical background. Because the cleaning and O2 service of equipment is very specialized work, more and more dive centers outsource this work to Scuba Support. He is also regularly consulted by diving centers when it comes to material maintenance, filling installations and gas mixing systems.

As a certified service technician and NAUI instructor, with the specialization of Gasblender and Equipment Service training, Eddy can give practical instruction as no other. He is therefore also one of the editors of the material channel of DuikenInBeeld.tv. On this website he publishes articles and material tests.

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