Dirzone Backplate Alu 3mm-compleet

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Harness plus backplate to be used for double tank configuration or single tank with cam straps, for a streamlined and minimalist configuration

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Category: Backplate.

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Webbing: One continuous piece of heavy duty woven nylon, 50 mm wide with center grommet Crotch strap: 50 mm wide with 1x stainless steel D-ring and standard tri-glide D-rings: With standard tri-glides, stainless steel , 2x 45¡ for shoulders: 2x 90¡ for waist belt Waist buckle: Heavy duty stainless steel Retaining loops: Rubber, 5x


Material: Polished salt water resistant hard anodized aluminium alloy Weight: 750 grams, 3 mm thick Slots for cam straps Holes for height adjustments of the wing and the tanks, along either side for mounting of accessories Lower center slots for band bolts that are misaligned Crotch strap slot: 50 mm wide