Accu M 11,25Ah 14,4V Li-ion + charger

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ACCU M is made from anodised aluminum and delrin. RCA ports – stainless steel. It comes with protective codura sleeve and stainless steel jubilee clips.

RCA connection

ACCU M is equipped with two RCA connection ports, connected directly to the battery pack. It comes with one RCA port cap.


Maintenance of the ACCU M is simple – clean and dry the RCA connection ports, grease the sealing oring inside the ports if necessary and store it in a cool and dry place.


ACCU M is great for divers doing more demanding dives that need more power for longer burn times. It is tough and reliable, able to withstand the usual diving codnitions.

Tech specification

To be used with 3XML Alexandra / 4TEC /
Material anodised aluminium and POM
Max operating depth 100m
Battery pack type Lithium-Ion
Battery pack voltage 14.4V
Battery pack capacity 11.25Ah
Charger microprocessor / 2.8A
Charging time up to 4h
Number of RCA ports 2
Dimensions 280mm (length) x 75mm (diameter)
Weight on the surface 1.8kg
Weight underwater 1.5kg
Certification UN38.3 and CE approved

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