ACCU XS SideMount 4,4Ah 14,4V + charger

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ACCU XS Sidemount 4.4Ah is small and compact – great for recreational dives and for dives in remote locations when baggage weight is restricted. It comes equipped with high quality CE and UN 38.3 certified Li-Ion battery pack.

RCA connection

ACCU XS Sidemount is equipped with one RCA connection point – used for both attaching one of light-for-me light heads and charging. The RCA point is at 90 degrees, dedicated for Sidemount kit configuration.


Maintenance of the ACCU XS Sidemount is simple – clean and dry the RCA connection port, grease the oring inside the port if necessary and store it in a cool and dry place.


ACCU XS Sidemount is made from aluminum and delrin. RCA port – stainless steel. This makes it able to withstand the usual diving conditions pre-, during and post-dive.

Tech specification :

To be used with 3XML Alexandra /
4TEC / 7XPE / NW7
Material anodised aluminium and POM
Max operating depth 100m
Battery pack type Lithium-Ion
Battery pack voltage 14.4V
Battery pack capacity 4.4Ah
Charger microprocessor / 0.7A
Charging time
up to 6h
Number of RCA ports 1 / 90-degree sidemount
Dimensions 175mm (length) x 50mm (diameter)
Weight on the surface 760g
Weight on the surface 760g
Certification UN38.3 and CE approved

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