Scuba Support offers service, repair and modification of all your diving equipment. 

From replacing the battery of your dive computer, repair of a faulty dive light, to repairing a leak in your drysuit or  dive tank inspections, we provide al these services. There is nothing we don't have a solution for.

In our more than complete workshop, we are even able to make items that are no longer available in shops.

The  menu on the left is limited to the most common services, but we go a lot further than that. So please feel free to contact us and ask your question or concern to us.

Below you will find a selection of our services

-hydrostatic testing 
-Corrosion removal on the inside (by sblasting or tumbling)
-Internal cleaning (oil and hydro carbons removal)
-Outside blasting and repainting
-Oxygen service
-Valve service 
-Valve O2 service 
-Sales of reconditioned tanks and buffers
-Delivery of spares and spare parts

-Repair and service 
-Adjustment and testing 
-Oxygen service

Buoyancy compensators (BCD’s), wings and back plates
-Service and repair
-Adjustments and modifications 
-Delivery of parts and spare parts

Dive light’s
-Repair and service 
-Balast replacement on HID’s 
-Pressure testing
-Vacuum testing
-Cable replacement 
-Modifications, like custom Goodman handles 
-Delivery of parts and spare parts

Underwater scooters (DPV)
-Repair, and service 
- Delivery of parts and spare parts

-Neck seal replacement 
-Wrist seals replacement
-Pressure tests 
-Repair trilaminate drysuits 
-Reparair neoprene drysuits 
-Inflator and deflator replacement 
-P-valve installation