At Scuba Support you can go for service, repair and modification of all your diving equipment.

From replacing the battery of your dive computer or repairing a defective dive light to fixing a leaking drysuit and even inspecting diving bottles, we will arrange it for you. You can not think of it as crazy or we have a solution for it.

In our extensive workshop we are able to produce parts that are no longer available.
The list of our activities is not limited to the most common services, but we go further than that.

So please feel free to contact us and submit your question or problem to us.


-hydrostatic testing 
-Corrosion removal on the inside (by sblasting or tumbling)
-Internal cleaning (oil and hydro carbons removal)
-Outside blasting and repainting
-Oxygen service
-Valve service 
-Valve O2 service 
-Sales of reconditioned tanks and buffers
-Delivery of spares and spare parts
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