Scuba Support is also the right address for courses and workshops.

These courses and workshops are backed up by experience and knowledge.

Besides the theoretical knowledge, we will focus on the practical sides and how to deal with these issues.


Education - Nitrox & Trimix Blender

In the NAUI- Nitrox/Trimix blender course, you will be trained in handeling and filling with additional gasses such as Oxygen, Helium and Argon. 

We also cover the risks of working with Oxygen.Blending is safe, but only when you follow certain rules.

We also cover Oxygen servicing and cleaning of valves, tanks and regulators.

Also a lot of practical tips and advice wil be given.

For more info, please contact us.. 

Eddy van Vliet - NAUI Instructor #51299

 Dry suit field repair

During our Dry Suit Field Repair workshop, you will learn how to repair and maintain your dry suite at home or on a dive trip.

We will hand you numorous practical tips and tricks.

Don't let your dive trip or holiday be spoiled by a leaking dry suit! 

 We  will cover:
  • Witch glue to use for wat type of repair
  • How to replace wrist seals
  • How to replace a neck seal
  • Leakage detection
  • Repair small leaks and larger taers
  • How does a inflator and deflator work

And lots more.....

Minimum amount of participants is 4.

Dive light repair

In our Dive Light Field Repair Workshop, you will learn all about your dive light and how to fix it when broken. 

We will cover:

  • Basic components of the known light systems
  • Halogen, HID en LED technologies
  • Replacing bulps
  • Lead Acid (SLA), NiCad, Nimh Alkaline batteries
  • The importance of a burn test and how to perform one properly
  • The mainenance of your dive light
  • Failure diagnose

For more info, please contact us.. 

Scooter repair

In our Scooter Field Repair workshop you will learn how to handle the technical aspects of your scooter, and how to repair small failures and defects, but more to prevent them.

This workshop is based on the most populair Gavin scooter, but also covers the Silent Submersion scooter.


We will cover:

  • Electrical defects
  • Mechanical issues
  • Prevent leakages and how to vacuümtest
  • How the clutch works
  • Motorseal replacement
  • How to perform a proper burntest
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Checking the motor and how to measure it
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