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Eddy himself is a fanatical technical and cave diver, with a passion for (underwater) photography. To combine his hobbies in an ideal way, he began years ago with the manufacture of specialized equipment for the technical dive team he takes part in. He produced products like stainless steel springstraps, electrical dry suite heating, special HID dive lights and strobe arm systems for cameras. 
These products and services were also very popular outside his own team. This resulted in the creation of his own company: Scuba Support. A professional workshop at his home makes it possible to both  develop and construct the products entirely. This also makes it possible to immediately repair at the workshop, in contrast to regular dealers who must submit materials for repair. 

With a fine electronic and mechanical training and years of experience in a company that specializes in medical and laboratory equipment it is safe to say that Eddy van Vliet has a technical background. 

Since O2 cleaning and servicing of equipment is highly specialized work, more and more dive centers find their way to Scuba Support. Also, he´s regularly consulted by diving centers when it comes to equipment maintenance, filling and gas blend systems.
As a certified service technician and NAUI instructor, specializing in the Gasblending Equipment and Service training,  Eddy is very equiped to give practical instruction. He is also one of the editors of the website . On this website, he publishes articles and equipment tests.
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