JP Bresser (GUE instructor) about Scuba Support

A big part of my life takes place onderwater. I travel the world as a reporter for several dive magazines and write about, and photograph the most beautiful and provocative destinations. I also produce films for numerous customers.

As a staunch cave diver and member of a European cave exploration team, and responsibly for documentation, I regulary take my photo and film equipment to extreme locations to be able to document the projects.

ecause of all these activities, I demand high requirements to my equipment. Reliability and ease of operation are for me a must. When I am more than one kilometre far inside a cave with my scooters and cameras, failures, I need to be able to count on them working .. Sometimes I also need modifications to my equipment that the manufacturer has not been able provide.

All service and modifications, but also custom developments to my equipment, I only trust to one company, and for many years now...

Scuba-support is the only company I trust with my with my valuable tools, with the knowlage that it will be taken care of with attention and the care it needs so it will function on the extreem conditions I dive in.

For me the only way to go...

JP Bresser

Anton van Rosmalen over Scuba Support

My passion is techincal diving. Technical diving is diving where imidiate return to the surface is not an option. This, becourse you find your self in a wreck, cave or created a decompression ceilng during the dive.

The surface can be hours away from the place you are. Common sense tell´s you that you need to depend on the your equipment and proper maintenance on it.

Technical diving often means traveling to far locations, like the Mediteranian sea, Florida, or Mexico. Nothing is more of a problem than being in such a location and finding out that you have an equipment failure. Besides, it can mean your failing scooter, dive light or leaking drysuite can mean the end of the dive trip for the complete dive team.

Technical diving is extreme equipment intensive, your equipment has to function at all times under every condition. Scuba Support is one of the few witch I safely trust with this responsibility.

Always good, always fast and always good advise with often smart solutions for issues you encounter in the field.

Anton van Rosmalen

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