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Drysuit repair - zipper replacement


BDM and YKK zippers
Front zipper, Back zipper and Pee zipper


Replace dry suit zipper:

Dry suit zippers is a lot to do lately.

For years there was 1 type of dry suit zipper that was used in the suits, the metal BDM zipper.

A very solid zipper, which has earned its spurs and was developed in a basic way for aerospace suits.

In recent years, dry zips have been added, such as T-Zip and the YKK Masterseal, which are plastic zippers. Advantages are that they are very flexible and flexible, but the disadvantage is that they are more sensitive than the metal zippers.

These plastic zippers are basically developed for sail-dry suits, but are increasingly used in diving suits.

In the past the zipper was often placed on the back, but now you see more and more suits with a diagonal front zip. This makes it possible to zip and unzip your suit yourself.

Zippers also deserve maintenance.

The metal zipper needs to be waxed regularly with, for example, Mcnett Zipwax, do NOT use candle wax, because the paraffin in the zipper affects!

Plastic zippers should be cleaned thoroughly after the dive. Only the rubber U-tje where you pull the sled when you close the zipper should be greased with the included grease from Tzip or YKK.

We can also place a peeing zipper in your drysuit, a zipper that makes it possible to pee without having to take off your entire suit.

Your zipper leaked or broken?

Contact Scuba Support for appropriate advice and any questions.


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