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Thor Offshore Engineering _THOR Premium Lighthead _TR2-G

THOR Premium Lighthead

  • Focusable
  • Power input: 7V Ð 24 V 
  • 100 %     2,89 A   70.000 lux
  • 50%        1,50 A   43.700 lux       
  • 25 %       0,73 A   23.800 lux     
  • Low        0,51 A   17.300 lux 
  • With E/O cord
Thor Bulb Exchange system
Thor Scooterset
THOR Transportcase
THOR personalized

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We would like to give you a close look at the inner core of our primary light: the lighthead itself with it's high efficient power plant inside. We call it the Lichtkraftwerk.  It is fully replaceable under water, which many other LED Lights can't do so.  The tube is also specially made for this light. It is a special kind of Borosilicate Glas designed by Schott Duran. It is ultra clear, highly resistant against changes in temperature and highly resistant against impacts.  The electric is being isolated from the LED. So no water can flood into it, if the tube breaks anyhow.  The power plant is fully programmable. It is designed to work constant with LED's up to 100 Watts. So it's easy for it to work on a LED with only 30 Watts in it's maximum.   It's extremly power-saving. as you can read in the essential facts. You can use all  E/O Cord equipped batterypacks and canisters available at the market from the main technical diving companies together with our primary light.   The most important thing is: It is ultra bright and extremely powersaving. At itÕs lowest level the power consumption is only 8 Watts. But it shines even brighter than a 21W HID Halcyon light. At full power you have the brightest light at your side that is available at the market. So everything is at your choice.   

Dimmable with piezo switch; Power input: 7V Ð 24 V   -  Focusable   -  Changeable light  source (optional Exchangesystem)   -  Changeable position on goodman handle   -  Thumb loop with cookie holder (optional Scooterset) -  Multilevel heat management by thermoconductive liquid inside and cooling channels outside   -  High Power LED SST-90 with 2.200 lumen, powered by electronic with efficiency factor of 98 % -   -  E/O Cord connection   -  Lightweight : only 580 gr   -  Small: length 12,5 cm. Diameter of reflector housing: 8 cm   -  Narrow beam: app. 5,5 degree   -  Reflector changeable by customer.

Power consumption and app. max. brightness at 12 V, measured in 1 m distance from LED Tube:

100 %     2,89 A   70.000 lux      25 %       0,73 A   23.800 lux

50%        1,50 A   43.700 lux      Low        0,51 A   17.300 lux 


Scooterset with Thumbloop and SUEX-Scooteradapter, Exchangesystem for Lighthead UW, Blacktransportcase,

name engraved on the head (customization);


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