Silicone Neckseal - Glueable

€ 95,00 tax incl.

New product

  • Can be glued
  • Durable
  • Less squeeze
  • Ideal for latex allergy
  • one size fits al

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Category: Seals.

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Through a patented material connection, these are the world's first silicone sleeves which can be assembled by the usual contact bondingprocess in all suit sizestypesmaterialsSo these boots combine the best material properties of the silicon with the flexibility of latex sealswithout damaging side mechanical component connections

They have a very high elongation at break and are dermatologically safeThe sealing on the skin area consists of a comfortable wall thickness to efficiently seal and to ensure maximum tightening and comfort

A really great problem solutionwhich we have been waiting for

Scope of delivery1 neck collar plus instructions 

On request we can provide, of course, the service performance of the assembly to separate calculation.

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