XTX40 2nd stage

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Category: Second-stages.

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  • Entry level Apeks regulator
  • System: Pneumatically balanced valve with integrated adjustable venturi freeflow control system
  • Material: Composite and bright chrome finish
  • Cold water resistant: Yes
  • Oxygen percentage: standard up to 40%
  • Compatible with xEAN 100% after O2 cleaning

  • Breathing Resistance: Preset, dealer-adjustable

  • Mouthpiece: Orthodontic and a non-toxic silver ion additive, which reduces viruses and other bacteria by 99%
  • Low pressure hose: Not included. Right or left hand hose configuration (set by factory right-handed
  • Exhaust tee: Narrow, user changeable

Although the XTX40 is a mid-range Apeks regulator, it is still classed as a high performance regulator in independent reviews. The XTX40 comes with all the features of our highly successful XTX50 with the exception of diver adjustable breathing resistance control. 

> The pneumatically balanced second stage has left/ right reversibility and a Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) system. Only the compact exhaust tee is supplied 
> Integrated venturi control 
> Suitable for cold water use