XTX20 2nd stage

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Category: Second-stages.

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  • Suitable for warm water use only
  • System: Pneumatically balanced valve with integrated venturi freeflow control
  • Cold water resistant: No
  • Oxygen percentage: standard up to 40%
  • Compatible with xEAN 100% after O2 cleaning
  • Breathing Resistance: Preset, dealer-adjustable
  • Exhaust tee: Narrow for a smaller, more compact regulator, user changeable to a larger one for minimal bubble interference

This regulator has the performance of the XTX40, without the cold water features, it is well suited for warm water conditions and the price makes it exceptional value. 

> Uses the UST first stage 
> Optional 5th port 
> Designed for water above 10¼ C (50¼ F) 
> The pneumatically balanced second stage has left/ right reversibility and a Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) system. Only the compact exhaust tee is supplied 
> Integrated venturi control