MTX-R 2nd stage

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Category: Second-stages.

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  • Delivers excellent performance in water at freezing temperature and at a depth of more than 60 meteres
  • System: Pneumatically balanced valve
  • Material: Robust metal front cover and a crenelated rubber edge for easy access to internal parts
  • Cold water resistant: Heat Exchanger
  • Oxygen percentage: standard up to 40%
  • Compatible with xEAN 100% after O2 cleaning
  • Breathing Resistance: Preset, dealer-adjustable
  • Integrated Venturi Lever: No
  • Mouthpiece: Comfo-bite
  • Low pressure hose: Not included
  • Exhaust tee: Diver Changeable - one set supplied
  • Superb protection from impact damage
  • Simple to use 2nd stage with no dive adjustment controls and a reduced chance of free flow.
  • Patented heat exchanger surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipating the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water.
  • Developed in accordance with the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit extreme cold water test.
  • Tested for Octopus use to 60 metres in cold water.
Coldwater Use Yes - extreme
Type of second stage Pneumatically balanced
Opening Effort Control Knob No
Integrated Venturi Lever No
Mouthpiece Comfo-biteª
Exhaust tee Diver Changeable - one set supplied
Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance Yes
Nitrox compatible Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box / Can be O2 cleaned to 100%.