DIAMOND Sidemount System

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  • Available in 3 sizes : S, M and L
  • Codura 1000 wing
  • 560 PU-coated inner bladder
  • 3 ports for inflator and dumpvalve
  • colour: black

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Category: Side-Mount.

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DIAMOND Sidemount System

One of the very few Systems with CE Certifikation.

This is a major advantage over other systems on the market and a additional benefit for your customers.

The system is available in three sizes: S, M and L.

Size S: (8 liter bouyancy) for tank sizes up to 2x7 liter

Size M: (10 liter bouyancy) for tank sizes up to 2x11 liter

Size L: (13 liter bouyancy) for tank sizes up to 2x12 liter

All metal parts are soild steel

Wing: Cordura 1000 with Cordura 560 PU-coated inner bladder

Inflator and dump valve:
Three ports for inflator or dump valve that can be configured on your demand.

Inflator: The proven DIRZONE power inflator.

Weights and trim:
The system can be equipped with differnt weight-pockets (small and large).
Optimum trim guaranteed!

Dimensions of BCD:

Small: 53 cm wide, 51 cm long

Medium: 59 cm wide, 54 cm long

Large: 70 cm wide, 58 cm long