Droogpakken lijm TipTop SC4000 met harder

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SC4000 en E40

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  • De ideale droogpak lijm, voor seals, ritsen en schoentjes.
  • Kleurt Zwart (donker grijs)

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More info

REMA SC4000 is a two component, room temperature curing chloroprene based liquid rubber adhesive that, when catalyzed with the appropriate amount of E40 Hardener, yields high strength adhesions.  REMA SC4000 is ideal for use in lining installations, when bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to steel, rubber to concrete, fiberglass, and urethane, as well as the splicing and repair of fabric conveyor belting.  Repair to existing rubber lined vessels and rubber components are also recommended using this system.


Mixing instructions:

The REMA SC4000 cement system is comprised of cement and hardener in the ratio of 660 grams of SC4000 cement to 30 grams of E40 hardener.  These two components must be thoroughly mixed (stirred).  The mixed portion should be used within 2 hours.



  • Rubber to steel
  • Rubber to Rubber
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Fabric to Fabric


Coverage Approximately

43 sq. ft. per 1 kg./ per coat by brush coating.