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Freedom CCR Bottom Timer without cable

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This bottom timer was specially developed in order to meet the needs of technical divers using ratio deco for decompression calculations. It features a clear and legible TFT display, which allows you to easily read all essential information in conditions of poor visibility or even without a mask. The operational depth for this computer is 300m and its heavy-duty aluminum case was tested to 600m. The dive profile is visible in real time during your dive; it is recorded, can be seen in the device’s logbook and can be downloaded onto a computer, mobile phone or tablet, using the included USB cable. This USB cable is also used for charging the battery.

The CCR bottom timer can be connected to a rebreather with the included O2 sensor cable. One, two or three O2 sensors can be connected. Each separate sensor value, as well as the average pO2 value can be read on the primary screen. Furthermore, detailed information about each sensor, including sensor voltage, can be accessed via a separate screen. 

The o2 cells connection cable is NOT included in the package.


- full color TFT display 
- four screens during the dive including the graphical dive profile and sensor screen 
- reversible display for left/right hand 
- brightness adjustment 
- durable aluminum body 
- 300 m (1 000 ft) operational depth 
- metric/imperial units 
- depth average with the possibility to restart 
- stopwatch 
- easy-to-use two button control 
- rechargeable Li-Ion battery 
- high-precision depth sensor 
- vibrating alarms strong enough for a drysuit 
- decompression games 
- textile strap or bungee wrist mount 
- log processing in the cloud or offline 
- connection to one, two or three oxygen cells 
- software version upgradeable 
- free firmware updates 
- USB connection and charging 

Freedom CCR Bottom Timer includes: 
- USB charger #8075 
- bungee gum #1481 
- fastening strap #1482 or fastening strap for dry suit #1483 
- silicon protective sleeve #0832

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