Gavin _Koolborstel set van 8 _

Koolborstel set van 8

€ 70,25
  • Koolbostelset van 8 stuks
  • Voor Silent Submersion
  • Voor Gavin
  • Voor Mako


light-for-me 7XML RCA head is made from anodised aluminium. The head is equipped with a Piezo switch and has two modes of light: 30% and 100%, giving up to 8400 lumens on the 100% power mode.

Goodman handle is also made from anodised aluminium, has a comfortably-fit handle and additional holes for attaching snap bolts and lighter weight. The head is connected to the canister by a strong, durable and detachable cable, which is additionally protected against breaking by the head with stainless steel gland with a spring. Canister cable entry is a charging point at the same time.



up to 8400 lumens

Light angle: 13 degrees

Power: W

Two modes of light: 30%, 100%

Housing: made from anodised aluminium

Switch: Piezo switch (no influence on compass), recessed in the housing

Head + goodman handle weight: 0.8kg (on the surface)


  • Head:
    • max diameter: 90mm
    • min diameter: 64mm
    • length: 43mm

Goodman handle width: 105mm, min height: 20mm, max height: 75mm

  • Cable:
      • Heavy-Duty cable
      • length: 110mm
      • number of wires: 4

Note: After diving with the torch we highly recommend rinsing it thoroughly. The torch is made from anodised aluminium which means it is very durable but not resistant to alkaline environment. Such environment is present near the limestone rocks for example near the reefs or in some caves.

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