Apeks _Sidemount ademautomaat pakket _AP0100F

Sidemount ademautomaat pakket

€ 1.296,69

Deze set is momenteel het enige CE-goedgekeurd pakket voor sidemount duiken. Alle onderdelen zijn ontworpen op om in alle omstandigheden ultieme prestaties en betrouwbaarheid te leveren


One of the world's top 1st stages with proven performance and reliability System: Balanced diaphragm with swivel turret Cylinder fitting: DIN G5/8, 300 bar Anti-freeze protection: Yes Oxygen percentage: Up to 40% Low pressure (LP) ports: 5x 3/8 UNF, mounted on the turret High pressure (HP) ports: 2x 7/16 UNF Handwheel: DIN stainless steel Dust cap: DIN plastic 
2nd STAGE: XTX50

Recommended for technical diving and suitable for diving in extreme conditions System: Pneumatically balanced valve with integrated venturi freeflow control system Material: Composite and bright chrome finish Cold water resistant: Yes Oxygen percentage: Up to 40% Breathing Resistance: User adjustable Mouthpiece: Orthodontic and a non-toxic silver ion additive, which reduces viruses and other bacteria by 99% Low pressure hose: 70 cm, 3/8 UNF. Right or left hand hose configuration (set by factory right-handed Exhaust tee: Wide, user changeable
Apeks analog pressure gauge

Graduation scale: from 0 to 360 Bar with 10 Bar increments Readability: Large black figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect Visual low air indicator High pressure hose: 20 cm

Set includes: 

2 x XTX50 second stage
2 x sets of interchangeable small exhaust covers (large fitted)
5 x cable ties for clip and accessory attachment
1 x 70 cm bungee cord for second stage necklace and hose restraint
2 x DST first stage DIN 300 Bar with 5th port upgrade fitted
1 x 60 cm Black Flexi regulator hose
1 x 210 cm Black Flexi regulator hose
2 x STEC 20 cm Black Flexi inflator hose
1 x 90 degree fixed elbow
2 x Pressure gauge and 20 cm hose assembly
1 x 75mm stainless steel bolt snap
5 x O-rings for use with bungee cords

Cable ties for clip and accessory attachment

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