Sidemount ademautomaat pakket

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Deze set is momenteel het enige CE-goedgekeurd pakket voor sidemount duiken. Alle onderdelen zijn ontworpen op om in alle omstandigheden ultieme prestaties en betrouwbaarheid te leveren

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One of the world's top 1st stages with proven performance and reliability System: Balanced diaphragm with swivel turret Cylinder fitting: DIN G5/8, 300 bar Anti-freeze protection: Yes Oxygen percentage: Up to 40% Low pressure (LP) ports: 5x 3/8 UNF, mounted on the turret High pressure (HP) ports: 2x 7/16 UNF Handwheel: DIN stainless steel Dust cap: DIN plastic 
2nd STAGE: XTX50

Recommended for technical diving and suitable for diving in extreme conditions System: Pneumatically balanced valve with integrated venturi freeflow control system Material: Composite and bright chrome finish Cold water resistant: Yes Oxygen percentage: Up to 40% Breathing Resistance: User adjustable Mouthpiece: Orthodontic and a non-toxic silver ion additive, which reduces viruses and other bacteria by 99% Low pressure hose: 70 cm, 3/8 UNF. Right or left hand hose configuration (set by factory right-handed Exhaust tee: Wide, user changeable
Apeks analog pressure gauge

Graduation scale: from 0 to 360 Bar with 10 Bar increments Readability: Large black figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect Visual low air indicator High pressure hose: 20 cm

Set includes: 

2 x XTX50 second stage
2 x sets of interchangeable small exhaust covers (large fitted)
5 x cable ties for clip and accessory attachment
1 x 70 cm bungee cord for second stage necklace and hose restraint
2 x DST first stage DIN 300 Bar with 5th port upgrade fitted
1 x 60 cm Black Flexi regulator hose
1 x 210 cm Black Flexi regulator hose
2 x STEC 20 cm Black Flexi inflator hose
1 x 90 degree fixed elbow
2 x Pressure gauge and 20 cm hose assembly
1 x 75mm stainless steel bolt snap
5 x O-rings for use with bungee cords

Cable ties for clip and accessory attachment

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