Santi Heated Gloves Combo Plus Set

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Gloves Combo+ Set: Heating Gloves + Thermovalve + Santi 6Ah Battery

The set includes heating gloves, thermovalve and Santi 6Ah battery
- 30 W power (pair)
- Heating time with the included battery: 160-180 minutes of heating
- Gloves made of breathable fabric
- Keeps you warm even when the heating is off
- Evenly distributed heating wiring that allows for freedom of movements in palms
- Wires on fingers and outer side of palm
- Waterproof plug, compatible with other Santi products
- Works with power supply no higher than 12 V
- Maximum temperature of 50 deg C
- CE certified

Technical parameters of the battery
- Capacity: 6 Ah
- Operating voltage: 12 V
- Height: 115 mm
- Diameter: 74 mm
- E/O cord length: 60cm
- Material: polyacetal / POM / Delrin
- Charging time: 4-5 hours
- Operation depth: 100m
- Weight: 680g

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